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60 Cups per day

50 staff
Melitta Cafina XT5 Commercial Automatic Office Coffee Machine with types of Milk
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Suitable for All Self-Serve
and Waiter Applications

2 Milk Types

2 Milk types of your choice - Low Fat or Full Cream . By the press of a button, the machine will automatically switch to your preferred milk without cross contamination.

Automated Cleaning

No descaling. No manual cleaning, No removing of parts or components. Cleaning is fully automated by the press of a button. See Cleaning Process under 'more info'

HACCp Certified

HACCP Certified Fully Automated Cleaning Program ensures the Highest Hygiene in the industry


Any drink, cup size and strength can be programmed and made available on the intuitive 8.4" touch screen.


The patented Cafina ACS – Automatic Coffee-quality System, monitors and automatically adjusts deviations in the coffee beans to deliver the perfect coffee consistently.

Coffee Beans

1kg or 2kg bean hoppers / 1 or 2 grinders for a variety of coffee blends.

Hot Chocolate / Chai

Integrated instant system for powdered products such as hot chocolate, chai latte.

Customised Drinks

Any drink of choice can be fully programmed for a one touch operation.952 Drinks, 2 Types of Milk, Multiple Cup Sizes, and Multiple Strengths.

Hot Water Outlet

Separate Hot Water Outlet for Tea. Fully programmable temperature and cup sizes.

Adjustable Outlet

From 70-185mm, the outlet can be easily adjusted to fit your cup size. The lighting concept is also adjustable for variable colours to suit your ambience.

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