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Eversys Legacy L2M Super Automatic Coffee Machine
Eversys Legacy Super Automatic Coffee Machine
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Quality and Style

design meets quality coffee

The DNA of Eversys SuperTraditional, The Legacy brings Elegance, Efficiency, Compact yet powerful and modular SuperAutomatic Coffee Machine to suit any commercial decor.

coffee consistency

2 Milk Types , 2 Coffee Grinder, 2 Powdered product such as Hot Chocolate and Chai Latte.  Extraction Time Control (ETC) to monitor and correct any deviations in the Coffee Beans to a predefined values by the customer.

2 Milk Systems

2 Milk Types of your choice without cross-contamination. by the press of your preferred beverage, you are presented with 2 milk options for your choosing.

automatic Cleaning

No need to add cleaning tablets and solutions.
The machine is pre-filled with coffee and milk cleaning agents to last for over 1 month.
Just press the cleaning button, empty the waste coffee and walk away whilst the machine cleans inself.

Hassle free

& Leasing

Anytime upgrade

During any time on your contract  you can now upgrade or change your model.

Montly Payment plan

Our flexible monthly payment plan provides easy and manageable payments.


Faulty product or something not right, our prompt service adds peace of mind.