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Coffee Republic
600 Cups per day

Eversys Enigma Automatic Barista Commercial Coffee Machine
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Uncompromised Quality, Reliability, Consistency and Ease of Use


. 350 Espresso per hour at 23 seconds extraction time.
We can program all drinks on the screens for a one-touch operation for Efficiency and Consistency.


All products are pre-programmed to the requirements of the customer on 2 x 10.1 inch touch screens to be dispensed in a consistent and efficient manner placing productivity and quality at the forefront.


With e’Foam, Eversys introduces both steam and air to produce the micro-foam sought after by leading barista. The operator can then focus on latte art display, in the secure knowledge that the foam will be of premium texture and taste


Once the flavour profiles and recipes have been professionally established, the e´Barista system reproduces them effortlessly through electronic control and adjustment of the grinder and powder quantity

Beans hoppers

2 x 1.5kg coffee bean hoppers for any kind of specialty coffee beans.

2 x 64mm Ceramic Burrs Grinders - one for each Bean Hopper

2-Step Milk System

Traditional Steam Wand with Manual, Auto-Steam and Everfoam options, programmed to texture the Milk by Beverage Type for authentic visuals, theatre and skill.

Prepare the Milk at the same time as the Coffee Extraction for workflow.

Customised Drinks

2 x 10.1 inch touch screens fully customized for menu and product selection with intuitive operational instructions.The screens can be branded with your own logo and icons etc.

1.5 Step Milk System

The 1.5-Step milk option, Automatically prepares the Milk and directly dispensed into a pitcher at the same time as the espresso pours into the cup.

This enables the user to then blend the two liquids and design beautiful Latte Art creations without having any prior ‘skill’.

Coffee & Milk Outlet

Adjustable Spout for Coffee and Milk.
The Spout comes with a Single or Double Outlet for the Coffee and Milk to be dispensed directly into the cup.

Hassle free

& Leasing

Anytime upgrade

During any time on your contract  you can now upgrade or change your model.

Montly Payment plan

Our flexible monthly payment plan provides easy and manageable payments.


Faulty product or something not right, our prompt service adds peace of mind.