Our Key Markets

We specialise in the following key markets:
— Corporate / Commercial Offices
— Conference and Function Centres
— Universities and Colleges
— Clubs
— 5 Star Hotels
— Aged Care

Leasing - Renting Coffee Machines

At Coffee Republic, we have partnership with a world renowned Financier to make your Automatic Coffee Machine Renting straight forward and without hassles. Our Finance Department will take a 10 minute application over the phone or visit you at your premises with the necessary documents to ensure all terms and conditions are clearly explained and understood.

Special Projects

We work together with commercial fit-out companies during corporate office refurbishments and relocations to deliver and install multiple Super Automatic Coffee Machines on multiple floors. Such requires the expertise of  industry leaders to execute. Coffee Republic’s forte is multiple installations for major corporate offices around the country.

Onsite Demonstration

You have a project to source the best Commercial Super Automatic Coffee Machine for your existing office or during refurbishment or relocation. Time is very scarce in such situations.

Well, Coffee Republic have you covered. We can arrange, deliver and set-up a trial machine at your premises for a thorough assessment before you make any commitment. This is a free of charge service for serious clients only.

Our Process

— Listen and capture information on expected coffee needs
— Review clients current offering and performance
— Map out of an integrated solution
— Review proposed solution and finance requirements with client management team
— Demonstration of solution for client
— Proposed solution agreed upon and rollout prepared
— Technicians assess & ready client sites
— Technicians assess & ready client sites
— Installation and client training
— Supply of products, equipment service, outcomes reporting and periodic training

Warranty - Standard

Coffee Republic Australia Pty Ltd warrants every coffee machine under the Australian Consumer Law.

Every brand new Coffee Machine comes with a 12 month parts, labour and call out warranty for equipment related fault only.

Used / Demo equipment are covered for 3 months parts, labour and call out warranty.

The warranty does not cover user / operation related faults.


The warranty period commences from the either of (i) the date of installation or (ii) one month after equipment shipment date from “Coffee Republic”.

Coffee Republic warrants all parts and works carried out under warranty for 3 months from the date the service was completed.

*contact us for a full and detailed Terms and Condition prior to the acquisition of the coffee machines

Extended Warranty - Conditional

For your peace of mind, Coffee Republic offers Conditional Extended Warranty for up to 3 years from date of installation.

The terms and conditions of the extended warranty are agreed upon during the acquisition of the equipment.

This Conditional Extended Warranty may cover periodic Planned / Preventative Maintenance to mitigate equipment breakdown and downtime.

Preventative Maintenanc.

The scope of the maintenance is guided by the manufacturer to replace certain wear and tear materials

*contact us for a full and detailed Terms and Condition prior to the acquisition of the coffee machines

Service Contracts

Without any contractural obligation under the Conditional Extended Warranty, we also offer Planned / Preventative Service Contracts.

Planned / Preventative Maintenance program can be purchased from Coffee Republic outside of the standard warranty. 

Planned / Preventative Maintenance is not an extended warranty. It is however a maintenance program carried out periodically  – 12 monthly

depending on equipment usage to mitigate equipment breakdown and or failure.

Parts and components subject to natural wear and tear are replaced in accordance with OEM’s recommendations. 

Coffee Republic warrants all parts and works carried out under this program for 3 months from the date the service was completed.

*contact us for a full and detailed Terms and Condition prior to the acquisition of the coffee machines

Coffee Republic Care – Equipment Service Cover

Coffee machines require support and maintenance programs to be kept in optimum conditions. We have Preventative Maintenance Programs available to all equipment.

We also offer water filtration change packages for your peace of mind. Contact us by email at: enquiries@coffeerepublic.com.au or phone on 1800 611 992

Coffee Republic Barista Training

We give you the confidence to feel at home with specialist coffee equipment and premium coffee beans. If we supply machinery we don’t want to leave until you are completely comfortable with operation and cleaning.

Training in all stages of preparation and presentation of speciality coffees is offered to enthuse you and explain the small mysteries of coffee making and how every stage and component is vital to the end result.

Melitta Cafina XT8 - 7/11 Coffee Machine

Once again, Melitta Cafina have produced yet another Super Automatic Coffee Machine for the world of coffee lovers.

You will see the new Cafina XT8 at 7 Eleven stores around the country.

The new XT8 comes with a 10.4′ intuitive touch screen with all your favourite drinks readily available on the one screen.

Selections of your preferred milk cannot be any easier.

At the press of your favourite drink, you are presented with 2 types of milk to choose from.

The Cafina XT8 is truly a Super Automatic Coffee Machine for high capacity and demanding applications.

Melitta Cafina XT6 Installation - Golf Club

We recently installed a new Melitta Cafina XT6 super automatic coffee machine at a well established and  high demanding golf club in Sydney.

Four weeks after the installation, the club has doubled its coffee revenue.

The staff and the club members are truly satisfied with the quality of coffee and the ease of operation.

The Cafina XT6 is a highly engineered automatic coffee machine for those who demand reliability, quality and consistency.

The New Generation of Melitta Cafina Super Automatic Coffee Machines include Melitta Cabins XT5, XT6, XT8 and CT8.

We provide customised services to Corporate Offices, Petrol Stations, Convenient Stores, Universities and Colleges, Registered Clubs among others.

If you are considering a real super automatic coffee machine for your business, contact Coffee Republic Australia.

We provide free onsite audit, free trial and extended warranty and preventative maintenance.

Coffee Republic is a renowned and specialist supplier and server provider of commercial automatic coffee machines across Australia.

Our services extends to all corners of Australia.

We also provide 24/7 after-sales support.