Small Office Solution

Flexibility and easily customised to your preference. The Carimali BlueDot stands only 60cm stall, and can be fitted directly under standard office kitchen cupboard.

Easy to use

The Bluedot can be connected to a water tank or plumbed directly to your mains water supply.  

It uses commercial brewing unit to produce the perfect espresso extraction.


No need to remove parts and components to clean the machine.

Simply press a couple of buttons and the machine will take care of the rest.


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The New Italian Mini-Giant, BlueDot

Installation Requirements for – Carimali BlueDot

  • Power – 10Amps
  • Water – Plumbed or Tanked.
  • Dimensions (mm) W368 H578  D555
  • Weight – 25kg

Optional Accessories

  • Payment Systems  – coin acceptor or card reader
  • Cup Warmer – 3 induction heated shelves to accommodate over 50 cups (dependant on size)
  • Milk Fridge –  Side or under-counter milk fridge with 1 metre from the machine
  • Direct Waste Discharge – You can directly discharge ground coffee into under-counter bin to mitigate manual labour
  • Water Tanks – In the absence of direct mains water connection, jerry cans can be used for fresh inlet water and also waste water.