Armonia Soft Plus

Carimali Armonia Soft Plus, the new definition of Automatic Coffee Machine is defined by a 7 inch Android System Touch Screen display. The interface is completely customisable to your preference. Up to 30 drink customisation of your choice can be loaded. You can also upload movies, music or customised images per each single drink.

Milk & Coffee System

A commercial metal brewing unit in place to produce the perfect espresso consistently according to your preference.



An on-board milk pump to draw and produce consistent froth milk to your desired temperature and level without compromise.


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Sue Logan

Inventory Control

AIW Printing

Our company purchased 2 Armonia Touch coffee machines for our work place, one in the office and one for the factory.
They have been given a really good work over by all of our staff and visitors with a great amount of pleasure. They are very easy to clean and maintain.
The after sales service is first class.
We are extremely happy with our purchase and highly recommend both the machine and the Coffee Republic to anyone considering this type of product.

Fully Automatic Cleaning

Installation Requirements

  • Power – 10Amps Single Phase
  • Water – Plumbed or Tanked.
  • Dimensions (mm) W325 H717  D560

Key Features and Benefits of the Carimali Armonia Soft Plus

  • 120 Cups Per Day – sufficient for medium sized corporate office or hotel
  • Graphic Display – the large LCD allows for Audio and Video upload to communicate messages. This can be in a form of advertisement or staff promotions etc.
  • Stainless steel brewing unit – the brewing unit is made from high grade materials which resist wear and lengthens the life of your machine.
  • Milk Pump – integrated commercial mile pump draws and delivers consistent velvety foam and steam milks to the required temperature and volume.
  • Touch screen – user friendly and ergonomically tilted, programmable touch display makes preparing drinks really simple.
  • Integrated chocolate module – used to prepare delicious chocolate specialities such as hot chocolates and mochas.
  • Custom lighting – you can adjust the colour of the lighting on the Carimali Soft Plus via the touch screen. Which enables it to fit in with your branding and the environment.
  • Automatic Periodic Rinsing – hot water and steam hygienically removes any milk left in the lines from the last dispensed milk based drink.
  • Compact dimensions – the small footprint measuring only 325mm wide, 717mm high and 560mm deep the Carimali Armonia Soft Plus surely can fit any corporate staff or kitchen area.