Office Coffee Solution

The new Melitta Cafina XT6 from Switzerland is the benchmark in office coffee service, where ease of cleaning and operation can not be compromised. The Cafina XT6 comes optional integrated with instant systems mainly used for Hot Chocolate and Chai Latte. By the push of one button, you can dispense any coffee and chocolate related drink.

The XT6 can be Coin or Card Operated Automatic Coffee Machine.

Fully Automatic Cleaning

HACCP certified Fully Automated Cleaning Program ensures the highest Hygiene in the industry.

– Push a button to initiate the cleaning program

– Empty the grounds box

– Add 1 cleaning tablet for milk, 1 tablet for coffee

– Confirm the above actions

– Walk away

The machine will automatically and hygienically clean itself and turn off.

2 Types of Milk - Automatically

Milk System

An on-board Commercial Grade Milk Pump is programmed to deliver and froth the milk consistently all year long.

By the press of a button, the machine will automatically switch between Light & Full Cream milks without cross contamination.


Coffee System 

As your favourite Barista manually makes grinder adjustments all day long to produce the perfect espresso consistently, so does the Cafina XT6. The patented Cafina ACSAutomatic Coffee-quality System, like a Barista monitors and automatically adjusts the grinder to correct any deviations in the coffee beans to deliver the perfect coffee consistently.

Reliability & Consistency

Using all patented Metal Brewing Unit, Commercial Grade Milk Pump and Commercial Rotary Water Pump, the Melitta Cafina XT6 ensures equipment longevity and reliability.

Add-ons / Accessories

Coin Acceptor / Coin Checker

The Melitta Cafina XT6 can be integrated with a Coin Payment system to accept any Australian Coin.

Milk Fridge 

The Cafina XT6 comes with original Cafina Side Milk Fridge for 2 Types of Milks or for a Single Milk.

Cup Warmer

Best Suited for applications where ceramic cups are used, the original Cafina XT6 Cup Warmer comes with 3 levels of induction heating to compliment and complete the set-up

Cashless Payment Solution

The XT6 can be integrated with a cashless payment solution such as Credit and Key Cards, Loyalty Cards, Staff and Student Access Cards.


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Dan Balcaban

Member Experience Coordinator

Stone & Chalk

As a not-for-profit fintech hub thats still in a Startup phase, we are constantly growing and looking at ways to make our residents happy. The main aim, to satisfy people with that morning boost of coffee goodness. Coffee Republic has far exceeded our expectations with doing so. Our residents and guests are more than satisfied with what we have now with the coffee experience. 

Ernest is charming, professional and overall committed to go above and beyond. He goes out of his way to create that perfect atmosphere. He is passionate about coffee, the machines and also the happiness of his clients. We will be working with Coffee Republic for the long run and have no hesitation to recommend them to other companies

Cafina XT6, The Office Coffee Solution

Melitta Cafina XT6

Installation Requirements for – Melitta Cafina XT6

  • Power – 10 or 15 Amps Single Phase
  • Water – Plumbed or Tanked.
  • Dimensions (mm) W300 H715  D580

Optional Accessories

  • Payment Systems  – coin acceptor/coin checker, card reader and change giver
  • Cup Warmer – 3 induction heated shelves to accommodate over 50 cups (dependant on size)
  • Milk Fridge –  Side or under- counter milk fridge with 1 metre from the machine
  • Direct Waste Discharge – You can directly discharge ground coffee into under-counter bin to mitigate manual labour
  • Water Tanks – In the absence of direct mains water connection, jerry cans can be used for fresh inlet water and also waste water

Key Features and Benefits of the Cafina XT6

  • Innovative milk system – create hot and cold beverages with the high density milk dispenser. A large variety of drinks can be made with some of the highest quality milk foam available from a bean to cup coffee machine.
  • Stainless steel brewing unit – The brewing unit is made from high grade materials which resist wear and lengthens the life of your machine.
  • 8.4 inch touch screen – user friendly and ergonomically tilted, programmable touch display makes preparing drinks really simple.
  • Integrated chocolate module – used to prepare delicious chocolate specialities such as hot chocolates and mochas.
  • Custom lighting – you can adjust the colour of the lighting on the Cafina XT6 via the touch screen. Which enables it to fit in with your branding and the environment it’s in.
  • Height adjustable dispenser – allows you to raise and lower the dispenser to match the size of cup you want to use.
  • Compact dimensions – measuring 71cm high, 30cm wide and 58cm deep the Melitta Cafina XT6 fits snuggly into any serving area which won it a product design award in 2014.
  • Coin or Card Payment Systems – You can integrate payment systems such as coin, card and change giver. This is a true coin or card operated coffee machine

The Cafina XT6 has been the preferred choice for corporate office coffee solutions where reliability and consistency can not be compromised.  The Cafina XT6 is a true Commercial Automatic Office Coffee Machine made by Melitta, a Germain company leading the way in Super Automatic Coffee Machines providing solutions for the Corporate Office, QSRs, Hotels, Petroleum.

For your peace of mind, Coffee Republic provides  same day 24/7, 365 days National Service.

We also provide hassle free finance solutions such as Rental and Leasing of your Super Automatic Coffee Machine.

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General Information

Melitta® Cafina® XT6 at a glance

Clear lines, silver accents, black and white – the Cafina® XT6 has a contemporary look to show off its up-to-date technology. Added to this is the high quality of the carefully selected materials, such as the 3 mm thick aluminium side panels and the robust industrial-quality touchscreen display, which reacts immediately to any touch.


The Cafina® XT6 could not have been developed without Melitta’s many customers in the catering industry. Their requirements and suggestions were taken into account and found their way into the specifications of a new generation of automatic coffee machines. In-depth market analysis was also carried out to establish the requirements of guests. Then a wide variety of innovative developments were required in order to launch a model that would lead the way in its class when it comes to technology and operation.


Now all you need is the perfect foam. Our brand new milk foam system makes it easy to serve a cappuccino with a hot milk or a cold milk foam in an instant.


ACS® automatically readjusts the grinding disks throughout their entire lifetime. It adjusts the coarseness of grounds, quantity of powder, pressure, brewing time and water temperature. The quality remains high, the amount of coffee required is low and no service appointments are required for readjustment.


A light touch on the coloured, hardwearing TFT touchscreen display is all it takes. The set quantity of coffee beans are ground.


Sometimes in the morning, only a double espresso will do the trick. Later on, it may be an “Italiano” every now and again – a textbook example of a cappuccino. First of all, espresso flows into the cup and then milk foam is added on top of this. In between, how about a tasty cup of cocoa with hot milk and dark chocolate? And you’ll need hot water throughout the day for the very special range of teas.