Melitta Cafina XT4

The new Melitta Cafina XT4, a benchmark in office coffee service, where ease of cleaning and operation can not be compromised. The Cafina XT4 optional integrated with hot chocolate and by the push of one button, you can dispense any coffee related product.

Milk Consistency

Unlike other machines using air and steam to draw and froth the milk, which causes deviations in milk temperature, level and texture, an onboard Automatic Milk Pump comes standard with the XT4 to deliver consistent milk temperature, level and texture all year long.

Coffee Consistency

The Cafina XT4 has its grinding parameters programmed onto the on-board computer to grind the exact amount of coffee beans needed for each coffee selection.



Cleaning an Automatic Coffee Machine can be cumbersome especially if you have to remove parts and components, soak and clean them.

The Cafina XT4, is fully certified by HACCP for hygiene. The cleaning is fully automated.


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Kristy Dennis


Northwest Medical Imaging

The Melitta Bar Cube II with Coin Acceptor System has been a fantastic machine which uses fresh milk which gives the drinks a great taste! We have had no problems with the machine and ongoing support from Coffee Republic. Thank you Coffee Republic!!

How to clean
the Melitta Cafina XT4

Installation Requirements for – Melitta Cafina XT4

  • Power – 10Amps
  • Water – Plumbed or Tanked.
  • Dimensions (mm) W300 H715  D580

Optional Accessories

  • Payment Systems  – coin acceptor, card reader and change giver
  • Cup Warmer – 3 induction heated shelves to accommodate over 50 cups (dependant on size)
  • Milk Fridge –  Side or under-counter milk fridge with 1 metre from the machine
  • Direct Waste Discharge – You can directly discharge ground coffee into under-counter bin to mitigate manual labour
  • Water Tanks – In the absence of direct mains water connection, jerry cans can be used for fresh inlet water and also waste water.

Key Features and Benefits of the Cafina XT4

  • Innovative milk system – create hot and cold beverages with the high density milk dispenser. A large variety of drinks can be made with some of the highest quality milk foam available from a bean to cup coffee machine.
  • Stainless steel brewing unit – The brewing unit is made from high grade materials which resist wear and lengthens the life of your machine.
  • Integrated chocolate module – used to prepare delicious chocolate specialities such as hot chocolates and mochas.
  • Custom lighting – you can adjust the colour of the lighting on the Cafina XT6 via the touch screen. Which enables it to fit in with your branding and the environment it’s in.
  • Height adjustable dispenser – allows you to raise and lower the dispenser to match the size of cup you want to use.
  • Compact dimensions – measuring 71cm high, 30cm wide and 58cm deep the Melitta Cafina XT6 fits snuggly into any serving area which won it a product design award in 2014.
  • Coin or Card Payment Systems – You can integrate payment systems such as coin, card and change giver. This is true coin or card operated coffee machine