Most Trusted & Endorsed

Australia’s 7 Eleven Coffee Machine, The Cafina Alpha has set the standard in the industry by consistently and continually producing millions of coffee each day around the world


The Cafina Alpha has been the most trusted and endorsed Super Automatic Coffee in Australia by Fast Food chains who do not compromise on reliability and consistency.

Your Peace of Mind

— Number 1 self-service  solution

— Easy to use touch screen with your favourite drink selections

— 2 Milk options by pressing a button

— Up to 3 Cup sizes by pressing a button

— HACCP certified for Hygiene

— High capacity super automatic coffee machine

— Full Automatic Cleaning Program – No removing of parts


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Cleaning the Cafina Alpha

Installation Requirements for – Cafina Alpha

  • Power – 15Amps Single Phase or 20Amps 3 Phase
  • Water – Plumbed or Tanked.
  • Dimensions (mm) W500 H715  D580

Optional Accessories

  • Payment Systems  – coin acceptor, card reader and change giver
  • Cup Warmer – 3 levels of heated shelves to accommodate over 50 cups (depending on size)
  • Milk Fridge –  Side or under- counter milk fridge within 2 metres from the machine
  • Direct Waste Discharge – You can directly discharge ground coffee into under-counter bin to mitigate manual labour
  • Water Tanks – In the absence of direct mains water connection, jerry cans can be used for fresh inlet water and also waste water

Key Features and Benefits of the Cafina Alpha

  • Stainless steel brewing unit – The brewing unit is made from high grade materials which resist wear and lengthens the life of your machine.
  • Height adjustable dispenser – allows you to raise and lower the dispenser to match the size of cup you want to use.
  • Coin or Card Payment Systems – You can integrate payment systems such as coin, card and change giver. This is a true coin or card operated coffee machine
  • ACS – Automatic Coffee Quality System. – The Cafina ALPHA guarantees a constant flow of the best coffee quality day after day through the ACS (Automatic Coffee Quality System).  It controls all processes and values within the ALPHA including the individually programmed quality factors of each coffee drink. Differences to pre-programmed values (water temperature, powder dosage, etc. are corrected by the Cafina ALPHA automatically.
  • CIP – Clean In Place The milk-cleaning system and hygiene program is HACCP tested and certified. All milk hoses and pipes within the milk system as well as the Milk-Jet are disinfected automatically. Manual removal and disinfection of individual parts and systems is not necessary.
  • VPS – Variable Pressure System – Through the VPS (Variable Pressure System) technology, the tamping pressure in the piston can be individually adjusted interval-free from 0.1 kp up to 150 kp for each coffee specialty. This means maximum coffee quality from the electronically controlled piston system.
  • CCS – Chip Card System – CCS – Chip Card System controls and programmes the Cafina ALPHA, it also regulates rights of access to managers, users and service technicians.
  • High Performance Grinder – High performance grinder. Grinding disks with extra long life expectancy, ensuring a fine ground, homogenous grain structure for more than 150,000 cups of coffee. Short grinding times ensure full bodied flavour.
  • Micro-Fine Sieve – The micro-fine sieve is a key guarantee for optimal coffee results. More than 45,150 holes are distributed over an area of 1,075 mm2. The aim of the micro-fine sieve is to produce a top-quality coffee in the cup with the minimum use of ground coffee.The micro-fine sieve enables the use of extremely fine grinds and thus raises coffee quality – the finer the grind, the better the extraction of the aroma substances. The micro-fine sieve also makes it possible to produce excellent espresso with just 8g of coffee. This represents an economic benefit over competing machines, which often need over 10 g for an espresso.