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Lease Automatic Coffee Machine

Leasing Coffee Machine
Instead of buying, consider taking out an operating lease to Rent the Coffee Machines you need for a fixed period. This cost effective strategy guards against obsolescence and preserves working capital with 100 percent financing. This also enures you are not disadvantaged by ongoing maintenance costs when you take up the preventative maintenance option.

  • Preserve your working capital with 100% financing.
  • Monthly repayments are fixed for the term of the contract.
  • Guards against obsolete equipment and offers the flexibility to respond to changing market demands
  • Takes away the worry of disposing of obsolete equipment in a potentially weak resale market
  • Lease rental payments may be off-balance sheet, providing scope to improve business performance ratios such as return on assets
  • If you use the asset to generate income, rental payments may be tax deductible
  • You may be able to claim an input tax credit for rental and other charges that are subject to GST
  • Provides access to the latest equipmet and technology without the associated risks of ownership.

End of Term Options after Automatic Coffee Machine Lease
It is utmost important to have a clear understanding of what happens at End of Term when you Lease your Office Coffee Machine.
We’ve found out from our customers that in the past with other suppliers, the customer has been engagaed into ongoing contractural obligations beyond what they signed for.
This is called inertia in finance terms. This unfavourable clause obligates the the customer into another term of contract after they’ve come to end of the original contract.
Finnaciers with such clauses require the customer to write a letter within a specified period of time of their contract to advice their intention.
Should the letter be written outside of that period, the customer is automatically contracted for 12 months. Within that 12 months, the same clause applies to ensure the customer continues to lease the equipment year after year.

We offer the following at End of Term
At Coffee Republic, we have partnered with a world renowed Financier to make your Automatic Coffee Machine Lease straight forward and without hassles.
The financier will visit you at your office with the necessary documents to ensure all terms and conditions are explained and clearly understood.

  • Return the equipment and upgrade to new ones.
  • Return the equipment with no residual obligation
  • Continue to lease the equipment on a month-to-month casual basis without contractual obligation.
  • Make an offer to buy the equipment at its fair market value.