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Office Coffee Machine for Corporate Staff

Company success arises out of favourable working environments. A high quality selection of coffee have an effect on everyday operation which should not be underestimated. It not only promotes well-being, but also enhances the performance of employees and their ability to concentrate, thus ultimately affecting work motivation and company success as a whole. Using an Automatic Coffee Machine to serve great coffee to your employees, guests and customers expresses your commitment to excellence, care and appreciation.

In Australia the demand for a good cup of coffee at the work place has grown considerably over the last 10 years. Coffee roasters are popping out of garages and kitchens labling themselves “Gourmet or Boutique Roasters” We have over 500 coffee roasters in Australia alone and the list grows on weekly basis.

A Good Quality Cup of Coffee is Key

The communicative aspect is also not to be underestimated. Globally, coffee is frequently used to establish a point of communication. It provides a comfortable framework for brief personal exchanges or for meeting with business partners, thus making it one of the important and cost effective soft facts we have.

Our Super Automatic Coffee Machines for the Office are manufactured by Carimali in Italy and Melitta Coffee Systems in Germany. These manufacturers understand the ‘coffee break’ issues facing the corporate world. They design these machines to appease the coffee connoisseur. They ensure these machines provide excellent cup of coffee at the push of a button.

We’ve conducted several blind tasting with Automatic and Traditional Coffee Machines. 84% of the time, the best coffee was awarded to that which came from the automatic coffee machine. Better yet, automatic coffee machine produces more consistent coffee than a Barista.