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Automatic Coffee Machines for Office Staff

Coffee Republic has been assisting a number of major Australian companies to curb this workplace problem. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to select the most appropriate coffee machine to ensure the machine can produce cafe quality coffee at the push of a button.

Coffee Breaks Cost Australian Companies $1.8 Billion a year

Most of our clients have sought our services to install Fully Automatic Professional Coffee Machines on each of their floors.

Spending $15,000.00 for an Automatic Office Coffee Machine may sound strange and expensive to many, however one must understand how much these companies are loosing in lost productivity.

It’s worth it because it keeps employees in the building, keeps them motivated and cuts down on break time, employers argue.

Samsung, CommBank, ANZ Bank are among leading firms that have recently bought coffee machines for staff. Ernest Nuro, National Sales Manager of Coffee Republic Australia “We’ve noticed that, percentage-wise, the number of companies who are dealing with machines have tripled over the last 12 months,” he said. “A lot of money is being spent on these coffee machines. The more serious companies are even placing one Automatic Coffee Machine on each floor of their building.”

Ernest estimates that in a standard office of 300 staff, workers were grinding their way through 20kg of coffee beans each week, enough to make around 1800 standard cups. He adds that considering the time lost when staff walk to the cafe, line up and wait for their individual brews to be made, the initial outlay on machines for companies is next to nothing. ”

Over the life of the machine, it pays for itself in terms of productivity and staff happiness,” he said. “It’s a major thing for staff to be able to come in to work and grab their coffee in the morning.

They tend to be more relaxed and get stuck into their work more.” A 2005 study conducted by human resources firm Talent2 found coffee drinkers were costing Australian businesses more than $1.8 billion in lost productivity each year. Of the 700 surveyed, more than half estimated each trip to the barista took about 10 minutes, while seven per cent said it took 20 minutes or more.

“What about when a coffee van comes around and everybody leaves at once to go down. It would end up being a 15- to 30-minute procedure because the queue is that long. Now with the a fully automatic coffee machine from Coffee Republic, all it takes is a walk to the kitchen, push a button of your favourite coffee, in less than a minute you are ready to go. This creates a sense of staff appreciation and worth.