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More often than not, the importance of Super Automatic Coffee Machine maintenance goes unnoticed.

Coffee Republic’s key focus after sale, is on service, spare parts, and national Preventative Maintenance Program to keep your new automatic coffee machine operating within equipment manufacturer’s original intent.

Why a Planned Maintenance

It’s such an important part of a coffee machine, and often the last thing some automatic coffee machine suppliers think about. Most suppliers do not consider what keeps automatic coffee machines going strong and how to keep them operating within specifications.

Super Automatic Coffee Machines are just like cars – after a certain amount of kilometres it’s necessary to get them serviced. This is not provided as a standard service, but a paid service we call PMP – Preventative Maintenance Program.

So what is a Planned Maintenance 

The preventative maintenance program is simply a technical service conducted periodically to mitigate the consequences of equipment failure. This involves adjustments and parts replacements performed to specifically prevent faults from occurring.

This is done so to extend the life of the equipment, minimise the impact of unwanted downtime, loss of productivity and un-budgeted bottom-line.

Determining Factor

The determining factor of Preventative Maintenance schedule is decided on OEM’s requirements and the usage of the Automatic Coffee Machine. After installation of your new automatic coffee machine,Coffee Republic’s account managers and technicians will monitor the usage and cup counts to determine the intervals to schedule your preventative maintenance. This is usually carried out every three or six monthly based on cup count.

For your piece of mind,Coffee Republic provides 12 months parts & labour warranty and preventative maintenance on all Carimali Super Automatic Coffee Machines.