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Melitta Cafina XT6

Melitta Cafina XT6 – The best for Petrol Station Self Serve Coffee

It has become a thing of the past to drive around just to find a cute-hip-corner café for a good cup of coffee.

Nowadays, more and more petrol stations are providing self serve coffee at a fraction of the cost of a café coffee.

It is increasingly becoming a trend to refuel your car and refuel yourself at the same time.

To enjoy a great cup of  coffee from a self serve automatic coffee machine, there’s none better than Melitta Cafina  Super Automatic Coffee Machines.

Coffee Republic has been installing Melitta Cafina Super Automatic Coffee Machines in a number of Petrol Stations around the country.

Melitta Cafina Super Automatic Coffee Machines have been the brand behind the success story of 7 Eleven, Caltex Coffee, Hungry Jacks and a large number of QSR coffee applications around the country and some parts of the world.

Cafina Alpha Coffee Machine has been the most trusted and endorsed Super Automatic Coffee Machine by the nations biggest QSRs.

However the Cafina Alpha is a 12 year old technology. Melitta have recently released a new generation of super automatic coffee machines to replace the Cafina Alpha.

The new generation models include Melitta Cafina XT4, Cafina XT5, Cafina XT6, Cafina XT7, Cafina XT8 and Cafina CT8.

The new models come integrated with instant systems for hot chocolate, chai, green tea etc.

One of the most noticeable differences is the slim line design with a touch screen.

As easy as the Cafina Alpha is to clean, the new models are super easy with less than 30 seconds interaction with the machine before the machine takes over the full automated cleaning process.

Melitta Cafina have once again raised the bar in the super automatic industry.

Contact us to assist you in selecting the most suitable Melitta Cafina Coffee Machine for workplace, office, service station, Convenience Store, Hospitals, Registered Clubs etc.