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How To Choose – Automatic Coffee Machine

Deciding on a coffee machine for your office could prove to be quite challenging, since the market is saturated with sub-standard machines, it’s kind of like being a kid in a candy store.

Once you’ve decided to source an automatic coffee machine for your office, the first question you should focus on is: “which coffee machine is best for my needs?” This question might seem obvious, but if you end up choosing a coffee machine that’s wrong for you, it will share the same fate as your last exercise machine. To answer the question is to have an idea of how many people or cups of coffee would be served. If you follow the tips in this manual, your staffs and guests will enjoy a freshly brewed cup of gourmet coffee every day.

Firstly, What is a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine?

An automatic Coffee Machine makes coffee according to the principles of Traditional Coffee Machine. It replicates the steps of a trained Barista. Everything the Barista and his or her traditional coffee machine do has all the parameters written and programmed into the on-board computer of the automatic coffee machine, so all the individual has to do is push just one button bearing the name of their favourite coffee.

The first aspect is that it takes fresh coffee from the hopper, grinds it, tamps it and dispenses it into your cup within a few seconds.

It also has a connection to a milk fridge where at the push of a button, it will collect, froth and dispense creamy frothed milk and dispense it.

Key Components In An Automatic Coffee Machine

The Brewing Unit

Imagine the engine of your car been made of plastic. The Brewing unit or the Brewer of a Super Automatic Coffee Machine is like the engine of your car. It is to be made of metal. The market is saturated with so many machines made of plastic parts so much so that the brewing unit is also made of plastic. Plastic Brewing unit wears out and breaks down very easily. This means the machine will be out of service most of the time, and will be very costly in a long term though they may be cheap to buy now.


Cleaning a Super Automatic Coffee Machine should be as easily as it is to make coffee automatically. Most machines on the market require parts and components to be removed when cleaning them.

The best machines on the market only require the user to fill up a jug of water and add cleaning solution to it, push a button and the machine does the rest.

If you have to remove components to clean the machine, what happens if you loose it or break the part? Or what happens when the parts have become loose as a result of in-and-out movements.

Worse yet, what happens when someone else other than the regular person has to clean the machine but does not know or remember how to put the components back together?

Milk Delivery

The milk delivery is an integral part and process of an automatic coffee machine.

There are 2 processes in which an automatic coffee machine delivers frothed milk.

1. Venturi System: Milk delivery via a venturi system is the most commonly used by the majority of the machines on the market. This system uses Air and Steam power to suck and froth the milk. The positive side of this system is, it does not have any expensive parts. The only part is an Air breather which cost under $60 to replace.

On the other hand, the quality, texture and temperature of the frothed milk is not consistent. It requires regular adjustments and tuning.

2. Milk Pump System: Milk delivery via a pump is used by only by the expensive and the best brands on the market. This is simply because the pump delivers more consistent frothed milk and does not require adjustments.

The milk pump has it’s parameters programmed into the on-board computor of the coffee machine. Each milk based drink can have it’s own settings according to the drink type.

The Super Automatic Coffee Machines below use milk pumps to deliver frothed-creamy consistent milk.